An experienced coroner’s pathologist with over 17 years' consultant level experience and experience of over 5,000 autopsies, including many complex ones.

Medico legal cases undertaken in haematopathology, autopsy pathology, molecular pathology and other areas of histopathology by agreement.

I am able to recommend experienced expert colleagues where I feel others have greater expertise.

With around 10 years' involvement in medico legal work I am able to provide short reports on specimens or full court compliant reports. I can also provide expert biopsy reporting, as either a primary diagnosis or second opinion.

Keeping medicolegal cases to 5 – 10 per year ensures high quality work with attention to detail and a high calibre, very clear and user friendly service.

Turnaround time is 4-6 weeks from receipt of all relevant information, but cases can be expedited if there are extenuating circumstances. Expert biopsy reporting is rapid taking 2-5 days, depending on complexity.

90% of work undertaken is for the claimant although I am happy to work as a ‘single joint expert’ and will cover any international geographical area, as, in pathology, material can almost always be posted.

Autopsy work will only be undertaken in the UK and Ireland.

Able to translate material from French, German and Spanish.

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